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5 Stars

I had found fleas on my indoor cat while petting him so I immediately called my vet and got Revolution Plus to treat my cats. I then had my house sprayed and then fogged by a friend who owns a Pest Business but it unfortunately didn’t work and fleas were still on my cats and in my house so after many google searches about fleas I came across The Bug Guyz on Facebook and I called Karl asking for help and advice. He took the time to listen to my situation, gave me his recommendations and guaranteed me he would get rid of them for me. He came and sprayed my house 2 days later and then he explained he would come back again in 14 days again to break the flea cycle. I kept vacuuming everyday like Karl suggested & unfortunately there were a few stragglers after the 2nd spray so he sprayed one more time and the fleas started going away and eventually thankfully after 3.5 long months we are flea free! Karl said he would continue to treat until they were gone and he kept his word! https://www.facebook.com/TheBugGuyz/reviews

They are very knowledgeable, professional & friendly guys. Willing to take the time to listen to your situation and get the job done! I would highly recommend them for any pesticide issues!!!

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