Bee Removal

Bee Removal

Unwanted Bees and Bee Removal

Who to Call when You Need Bees Removed? Choosing The Bug Guyz LLC means choosing a reliable, punctual, and knowledgeable pest control company.

Unwanted Bees and Bee Removal

Unwanted Bees & Bee Removal

If you have unwanted bees around your home, you can contact a the Bug Guyz who may be able to remove the bees without killing them. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE BEES YOURSELF UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED BEEKEEPER!

Removing Unwanted Bees

Yellow jackets are sometimes mistakenly referred to as “bees” given they are similar in size and sting, but they are actually wasps. They are strikingly yellow and black in color and hairless. Yellow jacket colonies become nuisances in the end of summer, but they will die over winter. If they are in a location where they are a problem, you can remove them by calling the Bug Guyz. The Bug Guyz will remove them for you. Again, you can text a photo to a bees to confirm what you have, but only if it’s safe to do so.

Have you heard the buzz around town?

Honey Bee

Bee a friend to bees and plant

Honeybees are important pollinators, particularly for agricultural crops, that our wildlife habitat management crews grow to support Pennsylvania’s wild birds and mammals. Without honeybees, the cost of produce would increase dramatically because without them, we would have to find more costly ways to pollinate our crops. Although we do have other pollinators, they can’t compare to the efficiency of bees due to their large swarms, pollen hoarding behavior, among other things.

Bee a friend to bees and plant native plants such as goldenrod, cardinal flower, and common milkweed. You can find more on landscaping for pollinators here:

The Bug Guyz are a honey bee friendly pest control company and do all we can to protect these beneficial insects. Thank you to our friends in Dallas at Shady Nook Bee Farms for continuing to help protect these furry friends, Karl Besancon Bill Roush. Karl and William have both received certifications from the American Institute of Baking as well as a certificate from Purdue University in integrated pest management. This is the highest standard for servicing food-manufacturing facilities. Contact us for more information.

What you need to know is that the Bug Guyz cares about the ultimate outcome of our work, while helping you, our client!