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Why Rodent Control Is Especially Important in Cold Weather!

As the temperatures drop, so do the ideal conditions for rodents to settle in and thrive. Unfortunately, when temperatures cool off, rodents are on the lookout for food sources and warm hiding places, which can be found inside in areas like homes or businesses. This is why rodent control is an especially important consideration this winter season to keep these pests away from human dwellings and prevent any potential disease or mess.

Rodent ControlThe abundance of rodent species that come out in the winter months looking for reliable food sources and shelter makes this a pressing matter. During this cold season, it’s essential to take steps to ensure your home or workplace stays safe from any potentially destructive pests that could cause damage or harm people’s health. Identifying ways to deter rodents from entering these spaces becomes increasingly urgent when temperatures drop significantly.

Every winter, more and more rodents come skittering into our homes and businesses in search of food and shelter. Rodents can cause extensive damage to our homes as well as spread serious illnesses. That’s why this winter it is especially important that you call the Bug Guyz to take measures to ensure that we keep your home or business free of these pests.

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Rodent Control

In this article, discussed why rodent control is extra important during the winter season, the different methods used for rodent control and what steps you can take right away to protect your home or business from these pesky critters.

Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime, and some rats can work their body into an opening roughly the circumference of a quarter. This is why it’s important to seal cracks and holes throughout the property. Look for holes around pipes and electrical lines, caulk and seal up openings in your crawl space, basement, and garage, and consider weather-stripping your doors and windows. Trim trees and other plants around your property in the fall to prevent rodents from having an easy access to your home or office throughout the winter season.

Looking for a quality pest control service in Northeastern, PA? The Bug Guyz should be your first choice. This reliable and knowledgeable pest control company has been providing top-notch service to the area for over 20 years and it shows! Each of their technicians have invaluable experience in treating all kinds of pests, from rodent infestations to termites and beyond. Plus, they’ll be on time to address whatever issues you are facing right away. So, when it comes to choosing a pest control service in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area, look no further than The Bug Guyz!

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