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5 Stars

One day last week, I happened to notice a concerning amount of bees going between the siding of my home. I am severely allergic, so needless to say I was having intense anxiety surrounding my new found friends. I called “not the bug guyz”, and was told the soonest a tech could come out to give me an estimate was the end of the month. 2 weeks away. I pleaded with the woman who answered the phone at the call-center in (where I assume) Timbuktu, I told her I could be stung and dead by then! No avail, see you in 2 weeks. Dead or Alive.

The next morning, completely defeated, I decided to call “The Bug Guyz”. Not only was the voice at the other end of the phone the Technician who would be coming out to my home, he is one of the owners! I explained my problem, followed by “do you think you could squeeze me in before the end of the month?”…to my surprise, The Bug Guyz made it a priority to see me as their last stop of the day! I was so relieved, I would get an estimate and know what I’m dealing with. Nope! Not only were they COMPLETELY knowledgeable, answered all of my “bee-brained” questions, and beyond friendly- they took care of the bees right then and there!

My husband and I have been kicking around the idea of a “quarterly maintenance” bug spraying, and after hearing how affordable “The Bug Guyz” are, we went ahead and signed up for that too! They took the time to remove old cobwebs, assess any areas of concern around my home,and do the job right! -Remember, I was an added on appointment- but that was irrelevant, the service I received was as good as the first appointment of the day.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value